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The Crew

The crew comprises hardcore industry professionals with experience of working in agencies like Bates (formerly Clarion), Lowe-Lintas, Enterprise Nexus Direct, Sistas, Genesis, Rediffusion and more.


Bapi Chaudhury : Founder Visionary

Voyagers was his dream and by the sheer power of his passion and perseverence he put the wind into the sails. Today, the team continues to move on, ever inspired by his thirst for incisive knowledge and the spirit to add a spark of the unexpected into every idea.

                                                                                       Sumi Chaudhury : Co-founder & Creative Head

Much inspired by husband and business partner, Bapi Chaudhury, Sumi passionately shares the dream to sustain Voyagers on sheer creativity. With over a decade of Agency experience under her belt, primarily as a Copywriter. Sumi believes the best ideas are yet to be explored. Every brand provides a new opportunity and Sumi and her crew are willing to surpass their own limits every time.

Tapas (Barun) Ghosh : Graphic Designer

Here is a crew member who is almost deceptively calm considering the powerhouse of talent that he is – an artist, a poet, a dancer, an actor – all packed into one. Barun is undoubtedly an invaluable member of the team.

Sudipta Nag: Graphic Designer

Sudipta is a master of digital art - turning any odd image into a vibrant, visual experience! Brands acquire a new shine under his touch of graphic gaiety. Yet what excites him next beyond advertising is flirting with fishes - collecting fascinating underwater species for his mammoth tank! Add to this his love for photography - and you have a complete quirky talent - perfectly in rhythm with the rest at Voyagers!

Anuj Sarkar : Graphic Designer

A Masters in Graphic-Applied Art from the Govt Art College, Kolkata, Anuj is buzzing with ideas... Throw a suggestion at him and he is sure to give it a whole new twist! Add to this is his quick wit , keen observation and tremendous sense of humour - all of which make working with Anuj, pure fun! And when ideas seem hard to come by, Anuj can perk you up with his fine art of tea making... hailing as he does from the hills.

Subhajit Nag : Graphic Designer

Subhajit uses both his Inner Eye and the Third Eye. Having acquired a degree from the Indian Art College, Subhajit can wield the brush and the camera with equal dexterity. Enthusiastic and energetic, Subhajit loves to escape to the hills at the slightest opportunity - a habit that perhaps keeps him thinking fresh...

Shankha Sen : Account Executive

Shankha is the frontier guy. A cool, keen and the most compatible member of the crew, Shankha adds sense to the madness of brand building. Equipped with an MBA, and some years of experience in the industry, Shankha plans and streamlines all communication with utmost ease, eager understanding of the brand and and tireless involvement. Beyond the field of creativity there is also another field where he loves to sweat it out - and that's Cricketing! May he score on and keep team flag flying high.

Aparajita Sen : Copywriter

Aparajita - fondly called Appy - is the wordsmith onboard. An awesome beauty with brains, and varied skills in painting, singing and dancing, Aparajita is always ready and raring to go with new ideas and thoughts on just every job. If passion is the name of the game, Appy has loads of it - which add a spark to her work and a sparkle to even the most the dullest days.

Shubhransu Mitra : Web Designer & Developer

Shubhransu is the Web Guru at Voyagers! Experienced and skilled, Shubhransu believes in handling each project with the newest in cyber science and techniques. Although deceptively silent at work, his passion and patience go into speaking volumes about his proficiency.Voyagers looks forward to more!

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